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Cloud Anti Spam Services & Email Security

IT security is the fastest growing technology industry in the world, and rightly so with today’s growing cyber threats. To combat a modern threat we offer the latest cybersecurity solutions. All businesses should protect themselves from three angles; email, web and file-based threats. We offer the latest cybersecurity solutions including Cloud Anti Spam, cloud antivirus solutions, firewalls, Email Filtering.


Our cloud antivirus solutions can protect all your devices from servers and PC’s to mobile devices and websites. We use enterprise class antivirus vendors to provide award winning protection for your small business. By deploying and managing your antivirus solution from the cloud your mobile devices will always receive the latest updates, and we can spot a threat before it returns to your private network and infects your other business devices. With real time reporting and at least daily definition updates we can secure your data and devices against threats such as Ransomware and malware as well as providing intrusion protection.


We install, configure and maintain advanced firewalls (UTM’s) that can provide an added layer of antivirus, email filtering and perimeter protection to your network. Cisco, Watchguard and Sophos firewalls can integrate with your antivirus and email filter to provide unified threat protection. For the small business Draytek, router/firewalls are more secure and provide advanced features such as encrypted site links and SSL VPN for secure remote access to your network from anywhere.

Email Filtering

Cloud email filtering is the first line of defence against malicious attachments and email content that can lead to dangerous websites. Liberate IT resell Mimecast, everycloud and Sophos emailfiltering to stop the threat before it reaches your inbox and network by filtering in the cloud. These products can scan for malicious code and links, as well as testing attachments in a safe ‘sandbox’ environment to prevent any ransomware or malware infecting your network. As well as these vendors Microsoft Office 365 advanced threat protection is an added solution built into their market leading email system that can offer more protection then the basic spam and virus filtering included with your mailbox.

Our email filtering plans are available on a per user per month basis giving you the flexibility to increase and decrease your business size without worrying about excessive costs.

Our engineers are cyber essentials trained and can help secure your business and put your mind at ease. We are the leading IT security provider in the Nottingham and Derbyshire area. Protecting your data is crucial in the new GDPR regulation so talk to us today about our security audits and IT security training for your staff.